Khan-ColloquiumRapid technological change has led to the generation of vast amounts of data that when analyzed can provide meaningful insights. Data generated via social media holds immense value. When captured, understood, and visualized, such data can help solve problems being faced by organizations and businesses and enable them to better serve their communities, enhance their brands, and build strong relationships. Human behavior in online communities can be better understood through a range of analytics tools by extracting hidden patterns and information.

Social media analytics research is interdisciplinary and builds on the unique strength of each field to enable powerful storytelling. The newly established SMART Lab is set to conduct research to further enhance our understanding of online user behavior and sentiment, formation of online communities, and predict future outcomes. Social media analytics research is exciting and applies in several areas such as health communication, politics, business, and journalism.

Dr. Laeeq Khan @drlaeeqkhan School of Media Arts & Studies Friday, Feb. 5th 11:50am – RTV 255.

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