Small businesses not only here in Athens but anywhere could benefit from social media analytics. Social media analytics is defined as the practice of gathering data from blogs and social media websites and analyzing that data to make business decisions. This means looking at the way the company interacts with their customers or how often they are on social media sites. They also want to keep in mind the businesses sentiment analysis. Remember from the post published prior to this, sentiment analysis is a type of language used to track the mood of the public about a specific product. The Village Bakery & Cafe is a small locally owned business in Athens, Ohio. It would be to their advantage to have a stronger social media presence.

In Laeeq Khan’s social media analytics course MDIA 4900, his students were asked to come up with a social media strategy for people or businesses. The picture featured above was presented by Nelson, Jolana, and Nick on Monday, April 18, 2016. The company struggles to maintain a consistent and engaging online presence. Since The Village Bakery & Cafe is rarely active on social media websites, they could have a fresh start. They can not only improve their Facebook posts and interactions but also send out tweets along with posting Instagram pictures of food. Posting pictures of food and beverages is a great way to hear responses from your customers but also market your products. A competitor Facebook analysis was done in comparison to the business. The top three competitors are Fluffy Baker who has a strong social media presence, Donkey Coffee, again present on social media and Court Street Coffee. If the Village Bakery & Cafe wants to remain in business for years to come, they will definitely need to have a stronger phantom on the three websites that I mentioned above. The team did a sentiment analysis which revealed words pertaining to taste, size, time, and feelings. Some words used when describing the Village Bakery & Cafe was: perfect, lovely,and the appearance was beautiful.

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