Dr. Welser presenting his study at the SMART Lab

(Photo by Zeyu Zhang)
(Report by Bowen Gao)

Athens, OH – The SMART Lab hosted another Dialogue Series research talk on October 17. The talk was given by Dr. Howard T. Welser, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Ohio University. Dr. Welser presented his research on social media involvement in binge drinking intensity among contemporary college students.

Dr. Welser and his co-researchers examined how social media engagement, social context and identity could explain variation in binge drinking intensity among college students at Ohio University particularly. Their main findings included that men binged drinking with greater intensity than women, and socioeconomic status and fathers’ political tendencies provoked the binge-drinking behavior of men. They also analyzed how one’s involvement level with certain social media platforms such as Snapchat and Tinder had an effect on binge-drinking behavior. They found that a greater involvement with these social media platforms led to a greater chance of binge drinking.

Attendees at the presentation were able to engage and give advices for the possible expansion of Dr. Welser’s study, such as increasing the sample size and pay attention to the impact of the time of survey.

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