The SMART Lab has partnered with the Infection and Tropical Disease Institute in the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine to begin an exciting project. The project aims to help with the design of a comprehensive social media campaign to raise awareness of the Healthy Living Initiative (HLI), launch and measure the crowdfunding campaign for HLI.


“The Healthy Living Initiative is working with communities in southern Ecuador to construct a Chagas disease prevention model that addresses the interrelated social, economic, and political factors driving the disease. If proven successful, the model will serve as a transferrable approach for effectively preventing Chagas and other diseases of poverty, improving health, and expanding opportunities for people whose potential is now restricted by this disease.” (Learn more about the HLI here:


Dr. Mario Grijalva directs the Infectious and Tropical Disease Institute (ITDI) at the Heritage College. In the SMART Lab, the design of the crowdfunding campaign and the analytics portion of the project is being overseen by Dr. Saumya Pant and Dr. Laeeq Khan. In addition, a talented group of graduate students is helping with the analytics and measurement once the campaign is launched. This work provides a unique opportunity to the SMART lab team to extend their work in an international context, and share expertise of working on communication and development work in rural Appalachia. The graduate student team is as follows:

  • Tanveer Ahmed Kham
  • Claudia Cisneros
  • Bowen Gao
  • Zeyu Zhang
  • Aggrey Willis
  • Nala Edwin
  • Jessie Roark